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Actively monitor trends current products and services. If you do not meet the trends, the client makes a choice in favor of another bank. The main trends in private banking right now — What has chang in the private banking segment during the difficult year 2022? behavior of clients, dictat by the current global situation. […]

The longer the flight the more dangerous

Component of global society . Technology affects life as much as laws, so they ne to be subject to similar democratic control. How techno-optimistic is Russia Russia is a country of techno-optimists. These conclusions were reach by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM), after conducting a survey among the population in […]

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The cognitive system may suggest that he is entitl to more fish than he was given. Another “set of rules” – altruism – says that it is necessary to take care of relatives, even if they do not reciprocate. And the fact that the collector was just unlucky activates the cognitive system that is responsible […]

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Most holiday decorations for Moscow and other cities are reus. Some designs appear on the streets for several years in a row. For example, polar bears in Rostokino have been delighting citizens for three years, and a huge Christmas ball on. Poklonnaya Hill has been decorating the capital for five It is not uncommon. For […]

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Interoperability between stablecoins and CBDC. It is plann that the project will become an international data transfer system between various state digital assets. For example, it will allow payments in regulat CBDCs to companies from different countries. two years. In July 2022, a sandbox was launch in  stablecoin transfers and foreign exchange transactions. Brazil and […]

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If we add to this amount the losses that are record in the entire supply chain, then the total volume will be 42 million tons per year. Some of the food losses are recycl back into the production cycle. This waste is us to make compost or livestock fe. But Getting to the landfill, organic […]

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The Russian economy in mid-March 2022: at that moment, it was about 100 initiatives for a total of 1 trillion rubles. For example, the Cabinet of Ministers began to help Russian businesses to export to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. As a result, trade turnover with – […]

Why Stevenson Avalanche is by Google

Internet connection is us for ual gratification. The question of the possibility of cyber in the new reality appear even before the first metauniverses, primarily in culture. Let’s analyze a few examples. In literature The term “metaverse” was coin by science fiction writer Neil Stevenson: in 1992, he releas the novel Avalanche”,punk genre. According to […]