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A package offer will be cheaper than a set of individual services, and more convenient because there is no ne to keep track of a large number of services and subscriptions. Mia arithmetic The cost of a monthly subscription to, such as ivi, Okko, Amiateka or Wink, in most cases, depending on the package chosen and the payment term, is in the range of ?250-600 (although in some you can easily spend more than one and a half thousand per month). Streaming music in VK Music or SberZvuk will cost another ?150–170. Together — ?400–770. Basic packages of Yandex Plus or SberPrime multi-subscriptions cost 199.

Russian streaming video services

For this money the client receives both movies and Turkey Phone Number List music, as well as bonuses, cashback and disco ts. Taxi and delivery arithmetic If a Moscow client of Yandex. Plus orders a taxi twice a month (2 × ?500) and orders something from and free delivery he will compensate himself 75% of the subscription cost (10% of ?1000 for a taxi  free delivery instead of ?149). A SberPrime client receives 2% cashback on product orders. If he makes two orders per month for ?3,000 each and one time – free delivery from SberMegaMarket, then he compensates 100% of the cost of the basic subscription (2% of ?6,000 for products + saving ?149 on delivery.

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The trend towards the production of its own

Taking into account inflation (the forecast of the Central Bank is at the level of 12-15%), experts believe that companies are unlikely to remain so generous and the subscription services market is waiting for a gradual increase in prices. In addition, content in Russia has also begun to gain momentum. In 2020, according to USA CFO TelecomDaily estimates , Russian online cinemas releas 20 of their own projects, and in 2021 – already 74, which cost ?16 billion. content. Subscribe to everything The exit of foreign players and a possible increase in the average check will allow Russian companies to invest money in improving the supply.

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