The mobile log of drunk alcohol

Sleep Cycle cannot affect the quality of sleep, but will give a detail analysis of it. Basic features are available for free. The premium version can be purchas for ?2350 per year. In it, you can see how various factors (coffee, weather, training, stress) affect the quality of sleep and what are the trends over a long period. MyTherapy : Mication Reminder  than manually configur reminders and alarms. The user adds a micine, sets the frequency of administration and units of measurement. At the right time, the smartphone displays notifications on the screen. An important advantage.

A pill tracker is much more convenient

MyTherapy will remind you when you ne to go to the Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List pharmacy to get your micine. Also here you can keep a log of symptoms and save contacts of doctors. The app is free with no in-app purchases. Drink Calendar : controls alcohol consumption is fill in simply and in what quantity. In addition, with Drink Calendar, the user knows how the indicat drinking affects his wallet. Bas on the marks in the calendar, awards are award: “Merry Week”, “Well done”, “Did not drink – sav up for vacation” and others.

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When it was what kind of drink

The application is free, but you can become a “VIP sommelier” for ?149 per month or pay once ?1990 and get the full version forever. Advertising is disabl USA CFO in it, you can view detail statistics of what you have drunk and add alcohol that is not in the database. Smoke free : helps to quit smoking Smoke free offers a smoking cessation plan and accompanies users on this difficult path. Asks questions about cravings and emotions during those moments. Shows how much money has already been sav and how health is improving. Issues badges for achievements. The names of those who said goodbye to cigarettes are enter on the honor roll. One week of use is free, then – ?75 per week.

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