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Deal with non-standard, more complex issues that require human intervention. Another key area is speech analytics. Moreover, it analyzes not only what exactly the operator and the client said, but also how it was done, with. So the business manages to prevent the outflow of customers and the emotional burnout of operators. What customers are waiting for — What do customers first of all pay attention to when choosing voice services? “Customers are waiting for a finish product that solves a specific problem. For example, rucing costs, optimizing routine processes, rucing the number of claims and fines, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, employee performance, and improving communication.

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Surveys of our clients show that a particular service is Albania Phone Numbers List chosen, first of all, because of the company’s reputation, the quality and spe of speech recognition, individual approach and easy API integration. Comparing technical characteristics, customers pay attention to the quality of synthesis, the spe of recognition and response to a request (this is especially critical for call centers), WER (the proportion of errors in words), the presence of different languages, multi-channel and other features, such as emotion recognition or priction CSI scores (an index that allows you to assess the level of customer satisfaction after interacting with a company – RBC Trends.

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The delivery format of the solution also plays USA CFO an important role. I have already said that we are seeing an increase in loyalty to cloud solutions. Nevertheless, while the lion’s share falls on local solutions – those that are plac in the customer’s circuit. This type of delivery is still in demand among large organizations that themselves own a large-scale all the data on their own. What do you offer businesses? — and recognition platform . It features high-quality speech recognition, and its synthesiz voice is almost indistinguishable from human speech. Using the platform, you can control the voice of a virtual assistant: adjust the pace of speech and background noise, pauses, intonations.

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