The scheme for getting out of the state

Experts interview by RBC Trends argue that humanity is making progress. Among other things, thanks to situations where it was impossible to solve the problem facing a person at. The moment, for which new ways of solving it were invent. Therefore, the inevitable states of frustration during constructive behavior do not interfere, but even help to build a career. For example, a person work hard for a promotion. But the boss explain to him that there would be no promotion. Of course, the employee will be upset, but this feeling can quickly develop into a desire. To open your own business and organize a new workplace for yourself.

he terms depend on many factors

There are many people around us with positive Sweden Phone Numbers List experience in adapting frustrating circumstances,” says Miroslav Yasin. How to help yourself However, a prolong state of frustration eventually leads to exhaustion. As the Associate Professor of the Department of Psychotherapy, Mical Psychology and Sexology of the North-Western State Mical University nam after M. II Mechnikov Dmitry Kovpak, if there are clear deadlines for meeting physiological nes, how long a person cannot live without food, water, sleep; then in the satisfaction of social nes and, first of all, on the subjective significance for the person of the unmet.

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There is no template for solving the problem

According to him when frustration causes physical or USA CFO moral discomfort, a person should take up the solution of this problem.  of frustration at first glance looks clear: you ne to figure out what ne was not realiz, and understand how it can be realiz. “Another question is whether a person is able to consciously, consistently and efficiently do this work.  that has arisen; the route to satisfying the ne is built in a personaliz way. The advantage is that every person is an expert on himself, and everyone has a resource to look into himself, into his experience.

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