The social mia lockdown is a dramatic event

Integrating them into third-party services and sites is becoming harder. In recent years, there has been a trend towards the flow of audience from more traditional channels (TV, radio, print mia) to the Internet (target advertising, social networks). To look for new channels of work and advertising while maintaining customer habits.” How reliable is the estimate After blocking social networks, business and the audience began to adapt to new platforms. Already in March, the audience of Facebook and Instagram declin , while Vkontakte and Telegram grew.

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However as Samuel Woodhams told RBC Trends , the Bulgaria Phone Number List study did not take into account the ristribution of the audience and the adaptation of businesses to Russian social networks. Samuel Woodhams: “Perhaps Russian enterprises have inde found workarounds and analogues of block social networks. Over time, this can ruce the economic impact. However this. Therefore, we were unable to factor these changes into our estimates.” RBC Trends ask the Ministry of Digital Finance, the Ministry of Economic Development and ANO Tsifrovaya ekonomika to assess the economic damage from blocking social networks.

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That cuts off this trend and forces companies

At the time of publication of the material they did not receive estimates. According to Miascope, in 2022, 71% of the Russian population over the age of 12 visit USA CFO social networks daily. YouTube became the most popular platform among the Russian audience . From January to October 2022, of the total number of social mia users, the number of video hosting audiences increas by 4%, from 33% to 37%. The second most popular platform is Vkontakte. Its audience grew by 2%, from 18% to 20%. Most of all – by 10% – from 5% to 15%, the share of the Telegram audience increas. Some other popular social networking sites have seen their audiences shrink. Reflection on values ??is link to the development of intellectual humility. Raising university tuition fees.

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