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That detect voice forgery and its use for fraud. Now research is being carri out in this direction, but it can already be prict that in the next year or two antifraud will be sufficiently develop to implement real commercial cases. Recognition also does not stand still, the technology is improving, overcoming such barriers for high-quality, the noise of open spaces (trading floors, open space offices), speech overlay, spontaneous speech of several speakers, and more. Finally, it is still uncertain, but we can already talk about strengthening the position of cloud placements. Now there is a shortage of hardware, it has risen in price, and business, in turn, is increasingly trusting the cloud. I think that interest in voice assistants in Russia will grow many times over in the next three years.

Speech recognition as interruption

Already voice services surround us literally everywhere. We see that virtual assistants are us at home, in the car and public transport, at the workplace. However,For example, our Salyut assistants have learn to understand even complex voice requests as part Ecuador Phone Number List of smart home control, such as: “Salute, boil the kettle and keep the temperature at 85°C.” Recognition of multi-commands in one sentence is another step forward for intuitive interaction with assistants. Commercial scenarios for using speech services are also actively expanding. They add online micine, shopping or online booking. Who uses speech services.

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What has chang for Russian voice service providers in USA CFO the new economic reality? — The key players in the market remain the same. But until March 2022,foreign companies were operating in Russia, the most notable of which was Google. Most of them subsequently left the market. And instead of them, new Russian vendors came. —somehow in the new conditions? – The main demand is still coming from the big players: up to 80% of orders come from corporations and the upper part of the mium business. In the last year and a half, mium-siz businesses have shown more interest in speech technologies. However, the main vendors and their partners are still more focus on large projects.

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