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Manifestations of this feeling. Everything is here. From love for yourself, for family and friends, for nature and animals, for colleagues. To passion for technology. How do we imagine in the metaverse. Three realities merge in the metaverse : physical, augment and virtual. The digital space of the future functions in an online mode off or paus. Do the same as in life: go to work, have parties, start relationships and even have in the future. Cyber is a subcategory of non-physical ual activity in. Which an internet connection is us for ual gratification.

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The question of the possibility of cyber in the new Ukraine Phone Number List reality appear even before the first metauniverses. Primarily in culture. Let’s analyze a few examples. In literature The term “metaverse” was coin by science fiction writer Neil Stevenson: in 1992. He releas the novel Avalancheā€, which became an inspiration for the cyberpunk genre. According to the plot, two realities are intertwin on the Earth of the 21st century: physical and three-dimensional virtual – this is the Metaverse. For example, drugs that are dangerous for humanity in the virtual world threaten death in the real world as well. They are produc by the cable TV monopolist.

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The protagonist – a pizza delivery man in physical USA CFO reality, a hacker and a warrior in the Metaverse – will try to save both worlds from a conspiracy of corporations. In the novel, Stevenson shows one of in the metaverse due to anonymity – intimate relationships with minors: 15-year-old I.V. has with Raven – an adult male and one of the main antagonists. Why Stevenson’s Avalanche is lov by Google co-founder Sergey Brin – in an article by RBC Trends Another prototype of the metaverse appear in the novel Ready Player One by Ernest Kline (2011). The heroes of the book are immers in the OASIS (Ontological Anthropocentric.

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