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Process controls in real time. Social Mia Marketing:you how to use social mia marketing smartly in your day-to-day business. Closing Lectures and Networking After the coffee and networking break (afternoon), you can look forward to an afternoon lecture by ö Marketing, Sales and Marketing Executives. Mr Sale tells you whether you should be a brand leader in football or whether good content alone is enough for marketing. The event ends with an after-get off work drink shar by all participants. Make new connections and exchange.

The Managing Director will show

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Video Videos Marketing Days Cologne ! Top USA CFO¬†marks for the 2019 Cologne Marketing Day! It’s finally here Marketing Day Cologne It’s finally Marketing Day Cologne: lectures, videos and interviews with Prof Dr. Drawing: Lectures, videos, and interviews with professors. Year Cologne Marketing Day wraps up three first short insights Year Cologne Marketing Day wraps up three first short insights We start Live from Year Cologne Marketing Day We start Live from Year Cologne Marketing Day Our twitter Year Cologne Marketing Day Your Contact Request We support companies with seminars, training, consulting methods.

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