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Impression of the regional bank’s sponsorship. elaborate on specific implementation examples and measures. and establish a high degree of practical relevance. What do you think are the biggest challenges facing marketers this year. I think the challenge with the theme of sports sponsorship is the question of the measurability of what is being pursu. How effective is the sponsorship fee. Can the stat goals be achiev. or is it possible to keep promises. Furthermore. there are significant challenges in developing innovative implementation concepts and thus standing out from.

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The competition. in line with the motto.  and Ghana Phone Number List rights holders face the same challenges as the sponsors themselves. Do you have a tip you’d like to share with us. It’s not so much about giving people hints as it is about showing possibilities. Everyone has to evaluate for themselves whether this is right for them. What are you most looking forward to at Marketing Days in Cologne. Great lectures and opportunities to exchange ideas and network with other participants on interesting issues. I think that’s the primary purpose of this event. Thank you for this interview. We look forward to your speech! Do you like this article.

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Then make sure of the impressions and USA CFO impressions of last year’s marketing day Did you not attend the marketing day in Cologne last year.  and impressions of the KMT in our video. We wish you a lot of fun! BTW. U of the Cathral still has tickets for this year’s KMT Year event. Book your ticket now! This article was publish on May . . Exciting Insights from Marketing Executive Speakers Now read part three of our series of interviews with the Marketing Day speakers in Cologne. from On / / gave a speech on the topic. Marketing Executives and Brand Management The Art.

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