A package offer will be cheaper than a set

Netflix has 220 million and PrimeVideo has 117 million. The market and content distribution opportunities for Russian players are more limit. Thus, the largest player, Yandex Plus, has about 14 million subscribers by mid-2022. In the Western market, you can recoup the fix costs of content through an increase in the number of subscribers. Smearing” the costs over them and not increasing the average bill. Russian services have fewer such opportunities. And this partly explains why many of them are now unprofitable. Despite the constant growth in the number of users and revenue. Cinema ivi.ru in 2020 showa net loss of ?0.7 billion, and in 2021 already ?2.1 billion.

The perspective of a potential client

The entertainment segment (the Okko online cinema and the Sberzvuk music service) for three quarters of 2021 brought losses to Sberbank in ?2– 2.6 billion Nigeria Phone Number List quarterly. Benefits of Multi-Service Subscriptions If you look at the Russian market from of mia services, then multi-service subscriptions look the most profitable. of individual services, and more convenient because there is no ne to keep track of a large number of services and subscriptions. Mia arithmetic  streaming video services, such as ivi, Okko.

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The cost of a monthly subscription to Russian

Amiateka or Wink in most cases, depending on the USA CFO package chosen and the payment term, is in the range of ?250-600 (although in some you can easily spend more than one and a half thousand per month). Streaming music in VK Music or SberZvuk will cost another ?150–170. Together — ?400–770. Basic packages of Yandex Plus or SberPrime multi-subscriptions cost ?199. For this money, the client receives both movies and music, as well as bonuses, cashback and discounts. Taxi and delivery arithmetic If a Moscow client of Yandex. Plus orders a taxi twice a month (2 × ?500) and orders something from the Market once, then with cashback and free delivery he will compensate himself for 75% of the subscription cost.

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