A simple example from personal experience

He still calls and clarifies all the details. It often happens that the client changes the service or reorients to another specialist. What happens when a customer is very dissatisfi with a service? Or, for example, the client complains about the performer, but at the same time he is not right? – Our services are still very young, and we have not had such cases yet, on the contrary, we have begun to receive the first thanks. While we are idealists in this regard. We try to approach in such a way that even if the client is wrong, you ne to end his service on a positive note.

Who and how the client communicat

Perhaps this will entail additional costs – for example, we Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List will send the master to him again. It is important for us that a person stabilizes his emotional attitude to the service. If there are many such cases, then this is already a question for us: either the client’s expectations are incorrectly form, or we choose partners incorrectly. But any complaint is already a reason to carefully look at. when we launch an auto platform, I call a field mechanic to me. He arriv earlier than we agre, call me during the meeting, walk up to the wrong entrance and said that if.

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What exactly provok dissatisfaction

I was not there in five minutes, he was leaving USA CFO because parking was paid. I just said I didn’t want to deal with him. Who is wrong here? In fact, it turns out that I am a difficult client. But it start with the fact that the master communicat incorrectly. Therefore, he no longer serves our customers. Top cardiologist and non-popular ratings – How do you determine, for example, which executor or doctor to refer the client to? — In micine, we have a unique rating of doctors and clinics, which is not bas on reviews. We have assembl an expert council, it includes the luminaries of micine.

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