Development of an action plan and impact

They will begin to prepare for a potential meeting. They will be engag in the analysis of hypothetical mysterious signals or artifacts and working out. All aspects of how people will react. The scientist emphasizes. Until now, the main attention has been paid to the search for signals. However, all this time, no one knew? We ne strategies and scenarios. It is not clear what to do after the release of the signal On Earth, there are already some recommendations on how to behave in the event of the discovery of a ” technosignature. A interstellar message from an advanc civilization. A 2010 declaration from.

What we would do if we got them

The International Academy of Astronautics urges Dominican Republic Phone Number List those who have discover mysterious signals to first rule out boring, non-alien sources, such as a microwave in a hallway. If this is verifi, the researchers should inform the public and the UN Secretary General. However, there is no indication of what to do next. on the UN Individual scientists and Russia annually loses 17 million tons of valuable food waste. Yulia Nazarova, head of the Rus Food Bank Charitable Foundation, talks about how to solve the problem of food loss About the expert: Yulia Nazarova, President of the Rus Food Bank Charitable Foundation, the first food-sharing organization in Russia.

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The problem of food loss is becoming more

Economy and ecology According to the National Research USA CFO University Higher School of Economics, about 17 million tons of food waste worth ?1.6 trillion is thrown away in Russia every year. This is a huge loss for both the economy and the environment. 71% of waste is produc by households, another 29% – retail and catering.  and more urgent, especially given the recent events: pandemics, sanctions, violations of supply chain s, acceleration of inflation and falling real incomes of the population. In turn, NES professor Sergey Izmalkov identifies three approaches to understanding.

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