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The platform will be the defendant. Employment in the gig economy makes such concepts as “job security stble salary” and “pension” meaningless. Even in the white-collar gig economy, at the end of the project, the professional finds himself face to face with the platform and high competition from his colleagues. However,“If we talk about young people, then the guarantees of earnings and stable employment are less important to them now, they are in search of themselves,” Elena Londar believes. “The younger the applicants, the more important the meaning of the work, and not just money, is for them.

This does not scare anyone

Free work According to a study by the International Labor Hungary Phone Number List Organization, in the gig economy there is a large share of unpaid work – activities, which are not compensat and not paid by the platform. Firstly, the means of production (bicycle, computer, smartphone, software) the worker must provide for himself. Secondly, in order to gain a competitive advantage, he masters relat professions at his own expense and improves his qualifications. The rating system affects the success in finding orders, but it forces the employee, in pursuit of “five stars.

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The loss of time due to errors of the previous

To do more work than the original one, to spend time USA CFO clarifying the terms of reference, finishing and alterations that sometimes occur through no fault of the contractor. Since employees are paid for the fact that the order is complet, the time between orders, lunch breaks, searching for an order and waiting for it to be complet at the previous stage (for example, if we are talking about a courier and he is waiting for the dish to be cook in a restaurant) is not paid. You cannot take a new “deferr” order until the previous one is clos.  stage is also not compensat. There are attempts to level these problems.

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