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It would be logical to direct the releas money to both large developers and more niche or small we will be able to completely switch to domestic solutions, we will “pump” all our products to the world level. Today, solutions have completely ceas to function in the country, even if their developers have curtail their business. We continue to provide technical support and maintenance services for such software, while considering an alternative to them. The process is going well, and some customers are already switching to domestic software. We use the experience and expertise gain from working with import solutions to help developers develop their products. Of course, our developers have their own strengths.

We take into account that not all foreign

Should customers buy illegal equipment when UAE Phone Number List suppliers leave, through parallel imports? – I would not talk about the “legality” or “illegality” of this approach. Here the matter is completely different. The main task of our business under sanctions pressure is to ensure the continuity of our business and data security by any means.  companies will negatively affect the country’s economy. This is also understood at the state level. the most expient or the only possible option for maintaining a business for individual market players, then you ne to use it. At the level of a long-term strategy, of course, companies should look at import substitution.

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If parallel imports have so far

Trust in the us information security becomes a USA CFO fundamental factor. We cannot force customers to switch to domestic software, but we say that building an information security development strategy on import solutions is not very far-sight today. Moreover, by 2025, companies that own significant critical information infrastructure (CII) facilities will be requir to switch to Russian alternatives to foreign solutions (in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 166 dat 03.30. infrastructure of the Russian Feration RBC Trends.

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