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The term came to psychology through Carl Rogers, a prominent scientist of the mid-20th century, who us it to describe his then innovative psychotherapeutic method – client-center (or in other words: person-center) therapy. The point of Rogers’ therapy was not to impose ways of solving problems on the client, but to make sure that he could find harmony on his own. To do this, according to Rogers, the counselor must be “congruent.” In many ways to seem like a detach professional, but should show his real attitude, show himself as a real one. How exactly this should manifest itself in psychotherapeutic practice, experts are still arguing.

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Congruence in other areas From Latin, “congruence Shandong Mobile Phone Number List can be translat as “consistency, correspondence.” This term is us not only in psychology: in geometry, figures are call congruent if one of them can be translat into another (for example, using rotation, mirroring or translation). In anatomy, articular surfaces that correspond to each other in shape are consider congruent. Chemists call congruent melting one in which the composition of the resulting liquid coincides with the composition of the original solid. Congruence and empathy Congruence is sometimes confus with empathy.

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Involves tracking and recognizing

Both words involve understanding feelings and USA CFO reflecting their understanding in your behavior, but the difference is that empathy involves recognizing the emotions of other people. Notice that a friend is sad and ask him, “How can I help? Tell me what happen,” is an example of empathic behavior. Noticing that you are feeling sad and telling a friend, “Sorry, I won’t go out today, I ne to be alone,” is an example of congruent behavior. In addition, the concept of “congruence” is relat to the concepts of “consciousness” and “authenticity”, one’s emotions, reactions, and thoughts, but does not dictate broadcasting them to others. Authenticity is describ as a person’s ability to be himself.

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