Why do people believe this myth

Over the next 60 years, 23.4% of the seafloor was plott in high resolution large scale. 23.4% is almost 120 million km 2 , which is about three times the total surface area of ??the Moon. Moreover, according to scientists, the wording that not very correct. The ocean must be consider in three dimensions – in addition to the seab, it is important to study flora and fauna, because unlike the Moon, it is a diverse and dynamic ecosystem . where there were more people Another myth that has develop in the modern world suggests that more people have visit.

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The Moon than in the deepest place on Earth. Scientists Ivory Coast Phone Number List believe that this hypothesis is difficult to prove. The “deepest place” may refer to the Mariana Trench or its deepest part, the Challenger Deep, nam after the British research vessel HMS Challenger. As of early 2023, at least 27 people have visit the Challenger Abyss. On the other hand, only 24 people have visit the moon – in fact, only 12 of them have visit the Earth’s satellite itself, and the rest – only in orbit. Why do people keep saying that we know more about the moon than about the depths of the sea? Comparing the ocean to space seems natural. Both are dark, scary and distant.

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The researchers propose to compare

However it is very easy to see the Moon – just look up. You can USA CFO regularly observe how it grows and decreases, so it is “closer” to us from a psychological point of view. Scientists believe that for this reason, most people are not interest in the depths of the sea and neglect the huge amount of research about the oceans. Useful analogy the deep-sea regions of the sea, which are inaccessible to us visually, with space and talk about the World Ocean as an ecosystem that is very difficult for us to imagine.

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