What freelance formats are the most popular

Which help to optimally distribute people, taking into account the flow of visitors. As a result, companies understand that it makes no sense to keep six cashiers during the day – two are enough. But in the evening, additional people are ne so that buyers do not wait in line and return next time. – Is there a difference in the hourly pay of the same cashier with full-time employment and part-time work? “I think with part-time work he will get a little more per hour. But the difference is in any case not critical. Avito clients hire hundrs of thousands of cashiers a year, economies of scale work for them, especially when it comes to mass staff. Ultimately, they don’t overpay. What’s more, load optimization can significantly improve the budget.

When the scale of hiring is huge

Temporary formats are us constantly now? For example Australia Mobile Number List one-time or permanent cooperation? — Considering the realities of the Russian document flow, companies rarely come to freelancing as a one-time phenomenon. Another thing is that people and tasks can change. According to FL, a quarter of all clients engage freelancers on a regular basis. And KWORK research shows that more than a third of customers turn to freelancers on a monthly basis, 10% almost every day. It is important that this figure increas by 4% compar to 2019. This means that companies have more regular work.

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While the rest do so occasionally

Which they shift from full-time employees to freelancers. Much depends on what specific tasks are being solv. Freelancers can be a taxi driver, and a foreign language tutor, and a graphic designer who sits in Bali. Often, freelancers are hir several times for USA CFO target tasks. Then they realize that it is convenient, and cooperation becomes permanent. To use this format more or less regularly, companies ne to build a bunch of processes around. For example, in retail, you ne to work with shifts, understand the load.

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