Who put forward the theory of a giant

Celestial object crash into the young Earth. This version was first put forward by American scientists Hartmann and Davis He suggest that. The Moon and the Earth were form from a gaseous material (dust nebula. They are “sister” planets that form at about the same time [ 12 ]. At various times, this idea was support by other astronomers and physicists, including the Soviet mathematician and astronomer Otto Yulievich Schmidt and his followers. According to (from the Latin accretio, attachment. A disc gradually form around the young Earth, similar to the rings. Of Saturn that exist today [ 13 ]. It arose due to accretion, that is.

The Soviet hypothesis of coaccretion

The adhesion of solid particles of meteorites, clouds Pakistan Phone Number List of dust and gas. From such a disk, the earth satellite was form. One of the weaknesses of this theory is the inability to explain the different densities of the Moon and the Earth [ 14 ]. Planetologist William Hartmann, collision, express doubts that two celestial bodies could have form from the same substance, but one of them, the Earth, has an iron core, and the other, the Moon, is practically absent [ 15 ] . So, when samples of lunar soil were deliver to Earth and its composition became known, the coaccretion hypothesis was reject [ 16 ]. 4. Capture theory The final theory of the.

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The moon in this version is not a fragment

Big Three is the hypothesis of the capture of the USA CFO already form Moon by the Earth. It was first voic by the American astronomer Thomas See (Thomas Jefferson Jackson See) in 1909 [ 17 ]. According to this hypothesis, a celestial body flew past the Earth, which the Earth pull into its orbit by gravitational forces. of the Earth or a “sister”, but a “guest” who happen to be near the Earth. This theory can be confirm by the fact that the planet Mars, probably in this way, acquir its satellites – Deimos and Phobos.

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