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The question is how realistic will such communication be? Will a robot ucator be able to calm a child, a psychotherapist-neural network to show empathy for a patient, a police robot to show sympathy or toughness at the right time, and a neural network-hotline employee to dissuade the caller from suicide? Robots are not yet subject to human warmth, support and understanding, so psychologists, doctors, ucators, teachers, nannies, nurses, police officers and representatives of other social professions will not be left without work. will not be in developing technologies that can realistically mimic human communication, but in people’s attitude towards them.

Some experts believe that the main problem

It all depends on how open people are to AI and can Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List trust it. Surveys show that, for example, in mical diagnoses, people still trust a living person more, even if we say that a robot will have a higher probability of a correct priction,” reminds William Sahakyan. Strong intellect “with a human face” The Skolkovo Innovation Center has creat an Atlas of New Professions , according to which 57 professions will disappear by 2030. But there will be 186 new ones. Instead of the word “disappear”, the word “transform” will more accurately reflect the situation. Many new professions will be relat to waste recycling, resource saving, energy.

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One of the main questions is how to bring artificial

For example some companies are planning to mine USA CFO minerals on asteroids, and energy may become marine. Among the hundr professions that will become widespread in the future, RBC experts name, in particular, digital garbage disposal; cosmologist; personal security designer; specialist in crowdsourcing of public problems; digital linguist and others. Currently, developers are uniting in professional communities to create together a strong intelligence “with a human face” to solve a wide range of appli problems. thinking as close as possible to human thinking.

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