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What other non-standard services are in demand in private banking? – Now the service of assistance in the selection of real estate in the Russian or foreign market for investment purposes or for personal residence is popular. markly, especially in terms of foreign real estate. — Real estate in which countries is interesting for Russians? – First of all, in the UAE and Turkey – in these regions there are a large number of transactions for the purchase of real estate. – How can a bank respond to a client’s request regarding the purchase of real estate.

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The bank can expand the client’s currency options so that Czech Republic Phone Number List he can easily pay for the purchase in the local currency of the country where he buys real estate. Development in the Middle East region is actively developing, so the volume of transactions and client interest, according to our statistics, are quite large. – In the UAE, real estate is bought for housing? – Not only. Some really live there, others immiately transfer the area to the management company rental income. — With the help of what services and resources do banks choose real estate for VIP clients? – If we talk about the Russian real estate market.

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Our bank has a distinctive feature in the form of deep USA CFO expertise in the construction industry. We have a large portfolio of project finance, we understand pricing and demand, so we can provide clients with relevant offers for real estate for investment and personal purposes. To support clients interest in foreign real estate, expertise in the markets of presence. — How fast are cross-border transactions now? – There are many nuances. The spe depends on the beneficiary bank and on the currency. In our bank, money transfer usually takes one to two days. Individual currencies are sometimes slightly longer due to special time constraints.

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