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Because of this a conflict arose what to focus on – long-term or short-term goals? As a result, the R&D division was separat into an independent legal entity, and the studio focus on innovative products. The entire process of developing and launching the Askona Upgrade service took about six months. The product was brought to market in October 2021. The program was operat by Forward Leasing. The subscription is made on the web page of the Askona Upgrade service. The user nes to wait for the approval of the application and sign the contract.

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The kit is deliver within 72 hours from the moment the order is creat, or at a date and time that is convenient for the client. At the moment, there are Brazil Mobile Number List six kits available in the Askona Upgrade service. Four of them include a mattress, anatomical pillows and a protective cover. Transformable base – bs that can change the angle of inclination of the head and foot. The cost of a subscription product ranges from ?941 to ?4337 per month, and the term is calculat for four years and 48 payments. During this period, free replacement and repair of kits are carri out. If the customer decides to keep the product and not renew the subscription.

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The makes the remaining payment – 20% of the original cost of the kit. If he remains in the service and orders a new mattress, he is exempt from payment for USA CFO recycling. They produce raw materials and technological components. But it is impossible to use them for a new b for hygiene reasons. According to Ershov, the model fully justifies itself from an economic point of view. Going forward, Askona wants to build a special plant that will provide recycling services to third parties. results Now the service has been launch in the MVP format and is available to residents of Moscow and the Moscow region.

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