Day: February 28, 2023

A breakthrough is not rul out in Russia

There is a possibility that the problem of donor tissues will be completely resolv. Over time, we will learn to replace part of the affect kidney, to create equivalents to large functional tissues. In the West, most likely, it will happen faster. But only because they start earlier. However,  either: there are inde a lot […]

Target support was receiv by the sectors

The government allocat 40 billion rubles. to support employment – this money was spent on creating temporary vacancies, improving the skills of workers in industrial enterprises and training the unemploy. “The problem with in 2022. On the contrary, unemployment has reach historic lows,” Stanislav Murashov from Raiffeisenbank assess what is happening with employment in Russia. […]

The form of a complete embargo

The level of which even taking into account the discount on Russian oil, made it possible to increase the nominal volumes of exports and oil and gas revenues to the feral budget.” In the meantime, pessimistic forecasts suggest the rapid imposition of sanctions in on Russian energy resources. Some Western analysts warn about the stability […]

The team was able to create an enzyme

The proposal was to change the Sugar will be digest differently To improve sugar, the Wyss researchers turn to enzymes, proteins that spe up chemical reactions. They were inspir by plants that use such substances to convert sugars into fiber that remains encapsulat (isolat by a special shell) until a change in acidity occurs around […]

Implantology and science in general

There has also been a clear trend towards a ruction in the time from an idea to the introduction of materials into micine. These are actively implement technologies that will become common practice in the foreseeable future. “have been developing very rapidly in recent years. I think that in 20–30 years we will be able […]

That are identical in their chemical composition

After the successful completion of the regeneration process, the spoke is remov.” Implants with various bioactive coatings have been introduc into mical practice. Employees of the famous Ilizarov Orthopics Center (Kurgan), which specializes in correcting congenital body deformities, have treat more than 300 patients. Innovative mical products develop by Tomsk scientists help to ruce the […]

This direction or this idea important

Who is involv in such financing in our country? – There are two sources – the state and philanthropists who are ready to invest, because they consider the development of society. But so far this is not a common practice, and the vast majority of early-stage exploratory research is fund by the state. This has […]

We can now model much more than before

Yes there are more tools to look for patterns and explain what we are seeing. Given that we know how to collect data and have accumulat a huge array of them, this is great news. About ten years ago, it was about 50 million scientific articles for all time. Today. Thanks to the democratization of […]

The ristribution of products in this case

If we add to this amount the losses that are record in the entire supply chain, then the total volume will be 42 million tons per year. Some of the food losses are recycl back into the production cycle. This waste is us to make compost or livestock fe. But Getting to the landfill, organic […]

The status of gig workers was also notic

Even for tutors creative workers or IT professionals, things are not so simple. There are several reasons for this: Final earnings are low due to high competition at all stages. If the delivery is free, then the profit of the restaurant, the platform, and the courier’s earnings still add up to what the client pays. […]

The business model is perhaps the key

Ages and social statuses Obviously, goods and services that simply cannot be shar will not fit this model. It is also important that shar products do not lose quality because of this. And is it safe? The transparency of  criterion for the success of the sharing service. Now form on the principle of a self-regulatory […]

A serious blow to the principles of rent

Damn it walk on Louboutins,” psychologist Lyudmila. Petranovskaya said in an interview. At the same time, the “myth of a new cultural everyday life. Has taken root in modern Russia. Culturologist and curator of ucational projects Olga. Rubtsova explains that he has become a marker of a certain status of the new creative intelligentsia. Hipsters […]